Why Natural Deodorant?

I think deodorant, along with liquid laundry detergent, and disposable razors, was among the first products that made me question the amount of plastic I was buying and throwing away on a regular basis. I started looking for more eco-friendly packaging, but didn’t like having to use my fingers to apply the kind that comes in a glass jar. Eventually I found a couple of brands that were being produced in compostable tubes, and when I finally stumbled across Purified Natural Deodorant by rue San, a local Seattle brand, it was a game changer! I soon came to realize that this natural deodorant was not only better for the earth, it was better for me and my overall health, too.



A natural deodorant, like Purified, doesn’t block your sweat glands, but still keeps odor under control. It is important to let your sweat glands function. Many antiperspirants in the market have aluminum salt, which do just the opposite. They block the glands so the toxins that need to get out actually stay inside your body. Purified deodorant is made from a combination of cold pressed plant materials and absorbing clays that help eliminate odor-causing bacteria and refresh the skin without clogging essential sweat gland function. The gentle ingredients have a subtle citrus and herb fragrance, and make it ideal for all skin types and genders.  Rue Santé takes a mindfulness-based approach to all of their organic products.  The 2.7 oz. tube is larger than most eco-friendly deodorants. The entire cardboard push-up tube, label and all, is compostable. So brilliant.

Here’s a helpful hint. If you have been using antiperspirant for years, you might experience in the first or second week of using a natural deodorant that you sweat a bit more. This is a normal, temporary reaction to the body wanting to ramp up its natural gland function. It is a good thing. Keep on using the natural deodorant and your body will thank you. So try it and give those pits some love!





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