Nine Ways Mimi’s ZW Market Can Help Cut Bathroom Waste in 2024

a small jar of mouthwash tabs and and a small jar of toothpaste tabs, both with white lids, sit on a white counter in front of a stainless steel cup with two bamboo toothbrushes

Between long showers, over-packaged soaps and lotions, disposable razors and more, it is possible to generate more waste in the bathroom than any other room in the house. And while it may feel hard to give up your lengthy end of the day hot shower, there are a variety of ways you can cut out waste and plastic use in the bathroom this year. To get you started, here are nine bathroom swaps you can make for a more eco-friendly 2024.

Get started by swapping one shower product:

1. Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Ditch the big plastic bottles sitting on the corners of your shower in favor of low waste shampoo and conditioner bars. They’re long-lasting, space conscious, and great for travel because you can cut off a piece to pack away in a small tin! 

2. Bar Soap + Soap Saver Bag

This one isn’t new, but a classic bar of soap offers all the same benefits of a gel bodywash minus the extra plastic. To take it to the next level, consider storing it in a soap saver bag (made of compostable sisal) in your shower. The mesh of the bag creates a natural lather, meaning you won’t need a plastic loofah anymore either. Win win - especially if you cut your own bar of soap from our package-free soap bricks! There are usually at least 5 scents to choose from, as well as unscented.

3. Safety razor

Disposable razors are so expensive and need replacing often. To ditch this habit, invest in a stainless steel safety razor. Many, like those by Albatross Designs, are designed to last a lifetime. You’ll only have to replace the blades instead of tossing a whole plastic razor in the garbage and trekking to the store to buy another. A pack of replacement blades usually runs around $4 for a 10-pack. Plus, the used blades are recyclable and can be mailed or brought into Mimi’s Zero Waste Market to be sent to a blade ‘takeback’ program, where they are recycled into silverware! We need more of this type of closed loop manufacturing!

Next, bump it up an eco-notch with dental care swaps:

4. Bamboo Floss and Toothbrushes 

Bamboo grows faster than any other tree and can be fully decomposed in 4-6 months. Considering how often we are supposed to replace our toothbrushes, this makes bamboo a great alternative to bathroom items usually made out of plastic, including toothbrushes and nylon dental floss. Look for a bamboo toothbrush that also has compostable bristles, otherwise you’ll have to pull out plastic bristles with pliers before composting. 

5. Tooth Tabs

To nix tubes of toothpaste, you can stock up on chewable tooth tabs. You put one in your mouth, chomp a few times to crush, then brush normally. It foams up in your mouth just like traditional toothpaste and leaves no waste behind! At Mimi’s, we offer mint tooth tabs with and without fluoride, as well as a fruit-flavored option with hydroxyapatite instead of fluoride, which helps to remineralize teeth.

Advanced techniques for those who have resolved to go green: body care

6. Lotion Bars

You may be noticing a trend here with me and my bar-over-plastic-bottles advocacy, but it’s incredible to think about all of the things we wrap up in plastic that could just be shaped into a zero-waste bar instead. And lotion is another one of those things! Functional, sustainable, and easy to store, they really are a no-brainer. Your skin will thank you - especially when used right out of the shower. Ours are made in Washington from plant-based butters and oils, like jojoba and shea, to nourish your skin.

7. Deodorant in a compostable cardboard tube

Another not-so-sneaky source of plastic in our bathrooms? Over packaged deodorants and harsh chemicals. Deodorant can and should be gentle on delicate skin and be safe to use anywhere! Seattle-made Purified deodorant comes in a cardboard tube and it’s plant-derived ingredients smell great.

Skin Care and Make-up

8. Reusable Cotton Rounds 

In 2024, single use wipes for removing make up or applying toner are out and washable rounds are in. And if you’re feeling extra scrappy, you can even cut up an old cotton T-shirt or flannel shirt into rounds yourself!

9. Reusable Swabs

Single-use cotton swabs are a staple of most bathrooms. And while they may be small and often made of cardboard sticks, they are not recyclable. Consider upgrading to reusable swabs instead – made from bamboo and silicone, they are easy to use, easy to clean, and another thing you can cross off your drugstore shopping list! Ours come in a super cute magnetic bamboo case.

Bonus tip if you still prefer liquid soaps and hair care: 

If you feel attached to your liquid hand soaps, body gels, or bottled shampoo and conditioner, we’re still here to help you reduce waste. Simply refill the containers you have now or invest in refillable (and recyclable) bottles you can bring in again and again. If you don’t live near Mimi’s try taking your clean, dry containers to your nearest co-op or zero-waste store and re-up your supply in the bulk aisles.

Check out these options and more at Mimi’s. Bamboo toilet paper, fun, foaming toilet cleaning tabs, or compostable toilet brushes, anyone? Remember, the best sustainability choices are the ones that you can easily adapt to, and that you’ll actually stick with. Cheers to a less wasteful new year!