Winter Hair Care Tips from Salonsolids

Mimi's Zero Waste Market is thrilled to be a stockist for Seattle-made brand, salonsolids. We've learned so much about hair care without harsh or harmful ingredients from salonsolids founder, Sarah McCoy. You can find her patented shampoo, conditioner, and styler granules in a variety of seasonal scents, as well as an unscented option, at Mimi's. Salonsolids granules come in a returnable glass bottle, or compostable sample packet. Simply mix one teaspoon of granules per ounce of water to use as you would any other hair product. We had a chance to ask Sarah about her tips for Winter hair care.

MZWM: How did salonsolids come about?

Sarah: Salonsolids came to be when as a stylist I couldn't find ANY hair care products that were free of the unhealthy chemicals and plastics. Solid shampoo and conditioner bars typically use ethoxylated surfactants (a toxin and carcinogen often found in products with PPG, PEG, Polysorbate, laureth or steareth listed in the ingredients). Salonsolids contains only plants that use sustainable green chemistry principals. No solvents or petrochemicals are used at any stage of the manufacturing process. The innovative solid to liquid concept also creates an eco-friendly liquid product for those that prefer it. It is more user friendly, particularly for customers with long hair. Returning, refilling and reusing the little glass jars just makes sense, ethically, practically, and aesthetically. As a stylist I recognize that having a specialist care for your individual hair care needs is of great value. I love doing consultations for salonsolids customers because having someone you can trust is vital. For example, for customers with oily hair, I suggest either mixing the shampoo granules with liquid Castile soap for a deeper cleanse, or adding a tiny sprinkle of baking soda to the liquid shampoo to make a creamy lather.

MZWM: What are the common mistakes people make in caring for their hair?

Sarah: A very common mistake made when caring for hair is using too many products and too often. We've been programmed to think we need a different product for everything which is to get you to consume more products. Salonsolids encourages simplifying your routine and therefore how much you need to buy (discouraging consumerism). There's also the mistaken belief we need to wash daily. Lather, rinse, repeat is not necessary. The idea hat we even need a lather at all to be clean is just not true. Reusing one jar/bottle, using products in multiple ways, and wash less with salonsolids.

MZWM: How do you come up with all of your great scents for your products?

Sarah: Scents are chosen for their beneficial properties. Salonsolids uses essential oils that are therapeutic to the scalp (important since it is directly absorbed into the follicles), nourish and give shine to the hair, and support your mental health (scent is so personal). Unscented is offered also as it seems to be hard to come by in professional quality hair products. Synthetic fragrance is one of the most toxic ingredients in personal care products. Once you make the change away from synthetic fragrances there's no going back.

MZWM: What is important to remember for winter hair care?

Sarah: Something good to keep in mind for winter hair is it's a good idea to have your conditioner or a weightless serum on hand to keep away the static that fine hair is particularly susceptible to. Adding something light to hair that will seal in moisture is important. An example of a good light oil is jojoba. It most naturally resembles the sebum our body produces. Try adding it to your salonsolids styler to eliminate frizz and static.

Also, for hydrated hair, don't forget to stay hydrated! In the winter when our bodies are cooler we may not be thinking about drinking as much water. Salonsolids recommends drinking at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces a day. So if you're 140 lbs you should be drinking 70 oz of distilled water (preferred method of purifying).

MZWM:  Is there anything you can do with hathead, after the hat comes off?! (Asking for a friend.)

Sarah: The best friend of winter hair is for sure is a cute hat!  A couple tips for avoiding hat hair.

~Twist the bang/crown area of your hair with a little styler and bobby pin it. That way when you take your hat off it won't be pasted to your head and will still have a bit of volume. This is especially important if your hair is still damp at all when you put your hat on, but is always helpful.

~Keep a dry shampoo on hand to apply to crown area roots. Salonsolids carries one that will not create static like some. Mist lightly with water if hair needs a little moisture and reshaping.

We love the gentle effectiveness of the patented shampoo, conditioner and styler granules from salonsolids. One small jar of granules creates at least 8 ounces of product. The price includes a deposit on the glass jar. Just bring the jar back empty, and receive an in-store credit at Mimi's. Salonsolids will sterilize and reuse the jar for a closed-loop process - something Mimi's can get behind, especially for the self-care products we use on a regular basis.