Photo of Purified natural deoderant shows the cardboard compostable tube with logo for rue Sante on a pinkish red background.  The light blue lid is off to show the top of the white deoderant stick.

Purified Deoderant

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Organic, Vegan

Handmade locally in Seattle, WA

Women Owned

Seattle-based rue Sante creates mindfulness-based self care products that honor you, your skin, and the environment. A blend of cold pressed, vegan and organic ingredients makes Purified gentle and effective. It has notes of citrus and hints of fresh herbs. The 3 oz. size has a push up paperboard tube that is 100% compostable. We love this product so much, we had to write our first blog post about it! Friendly reminder, deodorant is not antiperspirant, and that's a good thing.